A Brief History of The Heart Institute at St. Joseph

In 1873, The Sisters of St. Francis founded Penn State Health St. Joseph, it is a non-profit network that combines four other hospitals. Together they provide excellent medical and surgical services. In late 2006, The brand-new hospital compound and health campus opened its doors on 40 acres in Bern Township. The network provides full-range of health services for all its patients. Here are some details of the services offered at PennState Health, St. Joseph:

Heart Institute

The Heart Institute at St. Joseph provides new cardiac and vascular services of great scope, arranged in a way that fulfills the patient’s urgencies from faint problems to harsh heart and vascular complications.

The accomplished and professional personnel is unmatched in all areas of care and analysis of heart problems. The Heart Institute at St. Joseph covers the full spectrum of cardiac care profession for taking responsibility and providing a solution for all heart and vascular problems. From blocked arteries to Congestive Heart Failure.

Cancer Center

Cancer is a complex and multifaceted disease. If you are or a loved one going through the battle, you do not have to do it alone. Choosing the health care team to be on your side is the most critical decision you could make. The dedicated team at The Cancer Center in Penn State Health St. Joseph is your best ally.

The certified oncology specialists work in harmony to create a personalized plan unique to you. They keep you updated and keep your company each step of the way. They explain the treatment options that fit your case and give you access to national groups if needed.

Best of all, the hospital takes credit cards (and no worries if your credit is shot, there are companies that specialize in credit repair that will help!).

General Surgery

PennState Health, St. Joseph offers many excellent services most notably the general surgery practice, they offer that latest technology in caring for all small and big operation problems. All General Surgeons are certified by The American Board of Surgery and are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons.

The team of professional surgeons provides consultations and second opinions as required. Moreover, they have gone through uncompromising and brutal training. So there’s minimal probability for mistakes.

Breidegam Family Birthing Center

Opened in 2006 it provides ultra-modern special care for pregnant women and newborns. The center has 15 separate maternity suits, including 6 devoted to cesarean section patients, where mothers and their babies are taken care of together. The suites design allows more intimacy between the family and the baby. The suites are also comfortable and equipped with the latest technologies. The facilities are kept clean by local maid service companies.

Wound Care

The Wound Center at PennState Health, St. Joseph is all about bringing complete healing. Combining technology, trained skilled care, and a considerate chunk of human touch. You do not need just medical attention; you also need faith.

The Wound Center provides decidedly functional and personalized care plans designed to heal each wound case by case. The doctors and nurses work with patients to cure the ailment and help them to prevent it from happening again.

The PennState Health, St. Joseph still offers a broad range of other medical services such as treatment of varicose and spider veins and respiratory care services, it is all in one network of hospitals for all of your medical needs.